How are we Different from other Backlinks Removal Service Providers?

The Major factor that differentiates us from our Competitors is:

1. We do it all Manually and Follow up with Webmasters:

The Process for Removing Backlinks is a lengthy and tedious task. It involves auditing all your backlinks, reviewing bad backlinks and then removing them by reaching out to website owners.

Google wants to see you doing the work and there is a chance that automated tools would worsen your penalty. No automated tool would be able to get you the success rate that a manual service provides. Moreover, these tools can even hamper your site’s ranking for poorly extracted and removed links.

We take pride in considering that we are one of few Completely Manual Service providers and with us our client’s penalty removal rate is as high as 55% form the first go.

Apart from this we also provide Screenshots of the websites we have contacted in getting your backlinks removed. The screenshots usually consist of Website Contact forms and Emails outreach. This turns out to be the key factor in achieving high success rate in penalty removal for our clients.

Some of the tasks that are done manually after an order is received:

  • Backlinks Analysis – We do use tools here though analyze each link individually.
  • Initial Bad Links Report – We send out initial list of bad backlinks to our client for their approval.
  • Scraping Website Owner’s Contact Information – We use website, Website Contact Form (or contact page) or scrape email from website’s pages to reach out.
  • We Send Removal Requests – Also Screenshots are recorded  randomly for our removal request we send out.
  • We send out Final Reports.

We are one of the only backlink removal companies out there that do followups with webmasters when backlinks are not removed. This ensures high backlinks removal rates for our clients.

2. Our Support is Unmatched: We will reply to all your questions within 24 Hours – guaranteed.

We understand that the phase of Penalty can be extremely hard for you as a Business/Service Provider and we try to make sure that we help you with our support as much as possible.

We take pride in our Support. We stick to our timeline’s as per the package ordered and make sure all your queries are answered within 24 hrs (usually we try to revert back almost instantly).

3. Our Experience:

We have been in business for 2 years and we worked with as many 1650 websites. We understand the causes and reasons for the penalties better than any of our competitors.

Google Penalties are not just caused by Backlinks but they can be imposed by Website Structure and On Page issues as well and seeing that we also provide our client an additional Website Audit service. We would guide you throughout the process and make sure that you understand everything that is hurting your website and have the best experience.

4. Our Pricing: No we aren’t the Cheapest

You heard it right, we aren’t the cheapest service provider in the market (Of course doing it all manually takes more effort than doing it all through tools). But our pricing is still extremely competitive, the price starts at $270 for upt0 500 domains which is sufficient for most of our customers (There are several addon services available). Everything with us would remain completely transparent.

5. Time Frame: With us you can get your penalty removed in as little as 15 days. 

We start the work on your order right away, sending out the backlinks removal requests can start in as little as 24 hrs. We complete the Bronze package in maximum 7 days and hence you can actually file and reconsideration request with Google in 7 days and after ordering us and then wait for the them to respond back.

Remove your Website Bad Backlinks and Get your Website Ranking back on Track today.

Contact us at [email protected]

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