Website Traffic Decreasing? Backlinks may be the Culprit!

With Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin, it can be a daunting task to figure out why your website traffic is decreasing. Google is now closely examining every link it comes across. When it comes to a website, traffic is important in helping to acquire new sales, customers, and subscribers. While you’ve once had an adequate amount of monthly visitors, you may find them decreasing without even knowing the cause of the decline. Could low quality backlinks be the culprit? Bad backlinks are known to reduce search engine rankings by causing Google Penalties, therefore substantially lowering your organic website traffic.

Google Penalties

Google and other search engines penalizes many websites that don’t follow their constantly updating guidelines. Google in particular is highly and aggressively targeting websites with unnatural links. They know they are being tricked with bulk backlinks bought cheap by webmasters instead of getting natural links over time.

While Google is dependent on an algorithm system to conduct it’s rankings, some penalties are given manually from review. Google introduces more than 400,000 websites to the penalized list each month due to it’s manual actions. Google makes constant tweaks and updates to it’s ranking system. Are your bad backlinks being removed to accommodate this update? Partial penalties are penalties that affect only a portion of your website or a certain URL such as because the backlinks are only pointing to this page.

Even Google States that “First and foremost, we recommend that you remove as many spammy or low-quality links from the web as possible.” Unnatural backlink removal is highly praised in the eyes of Google, and a great recovery method if your website has been affected by a penalty.

Know the Difference

An important step to backlink removal is to first examine the difference between which backlinks hurt or help you. Any backlink that is irrelevant and only pointing to your website because of being bought or traded can drastically reduce your search engine ranking. Google also analyzes the time the backlinks were set to a page or article. If an overwhelming amount of backlinks are connected at one time, Google automatically assumes the links were bought or exchanged. Examples of bad backlinks are:

  • Backlinks from Link Farms
  • Exchanged or Swapped Backlinks
  • Ads that substantially reduce website loading speeds
  • Paid Backlinks
  •  Triangular Linking Schemes
  • Rated R site Links (such as porn, gambling, drug sites, etc.)
  • Links from low page-ranked, unrelated websites
  • Links that are hidden
  • Backlinks with repetitive anchor text
  • Baclinks from articles with poorly written content

There are plenty other types of links that are considered to be spam. There are also links that have no negative on positive effect on your website. Links in the sidebar or footer are given less attention, therefore making your pagerank remain the same. Backlinks tagged as rel=”nofollow” tell Google not to give attention to it, therefore being skipped when reviewed. Examples of good backlinks are:

  • Backlinks from well ranked directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ
  • Backlinks from blogs with high quality content and authority
  • Links from relevant professional press release
  • Posting to Forums with high page ranks and authority
  • Backlinks from Google products such as Google+ and Google Places
  • Social Media Profiles

One backlink from a top ranking website is more valuable than 100 from poor ranked URL’s. It is always best to emphasize your attention on quality rather than quantity.

Tools including, and most importantly Google webmaster tools can benefit to help you undertand backlink profiles. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can recieve alerts of when your website has been affected.

Unethical Methods of SEO

Unethical Methods of achieving backlinks for your website are the quickest way to receive a disadvantage from Google. Trying to manipulate how search engines view the ranking of a page is called “black hat SEO techniques”. Unethical methods such as link submitters, senuke, hidden links, cloaking, mirror sites, and spam pings are bound to become affected.

It is best to invest in quality backlink removal and other SEO techniques if you want to improve your ranking and sales and recover from a decrease. Google will notice your tricks.

The Process of Disavow

Delete Backlink offers the service of disavowing low quality backlinks. Because the process of disavowing is advanced and sensitive, Google recommends to let a professional handle this service or your ranking can easily drop to zero.

When work is completed to remove backlinks and you find harmful ones that still exist, disavowing is a great option. Disavowing is the process of submitting a letter to Google asking to not consider the remaining spammy links when the website is being evaluated. Only bad backlinks are to be included in the disavow file, therefore each link must be handled, reviewed, and added carefully to the file.

Google Penguin Update

In the past, Google has used only algorithm systems to determine it’s listings and has been less particular on it’s penalties. With Google Penalty directed towards web spam, more and more websites are bound to lose traffic and sales due to black hat SEO techniques. The new upcoming Google Penguin 3 update is now expected to be live within next couple of months and is expected to affect websites substantially.

Are you wondering why your website listing is no longer showing up on Google? A website audit review can quickly and easily inform you on how to fix this misfortune. It is easy, affordable, and safely helps you in recovering from Google penalties. Even if you haven’t lost your ranking or visitor count, it is best to be sure and remove links if you have any reason to believe unethical practices took place on your website.

If the problem of your website traffic decreasing is due to website structure or dangerous backlinks, you can contact us today and we will further assist you with your issue.

Delete Backlink can be your full recovery method to the diminution of your website search engine placement, organic traffic, and ultimately sales.

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