Disavow Links

A new tool that allows website owners to "disavow" low quality links that might be reducing their search engine ranking has been added to Google Webmaster Tools. It comes with the warning "only to be used with caution" which literally means that if used incorrectly that could single handedly destroy all your ranking.
This is where we step in, we understand that it takes serious hard work to build high content rich website and then keeping the ranking on top is ever more difficult. More with linkspam techniques followed by competitors it has become even more dangerous and hard to sustain ranking.

The message Google displays on top of Disavow tool:

"If you believe your site's ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your
site. You should still make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site. Simply disavowing them isn't enough."

We do our best to take down all your low quality backlinks however there are still some website's from where we would not be able to remove your backlink because the webmasters of these website's are not reachable or they don't remove the backlink on purpose (in some cases they ask for a huge price to remove that backlink).

So in those cases we would create you a disavow file of your bad backlinks which you can upload to Google Webmaster tools page. It is very important to create this disavow file with complete care because we have to analyze each backlink carefully making sure that only low quality bad links are included in the file.

Also it's important that the work of link's removal is done manually first before you upload a disavow file as mentioned in Google's official statement "You should still make every effort to clean up unnatural links pointing to your site. Simply disavowing them isn't enough.".

If you have used our Backlinks Removal service we would generally ask you whether you need Disavow file or not (It would cost extra) and if you have already got the backlinks removed yourself or from someone else you can order our disavow file service separately as well.

We charge $80 for Disavow file creation, you can order it directly using the Paypal button below.

It would take us 3 days to send the disavow file after the order is made.