Need help understanding Google's guidelines and how they affect your website? Looking for answers to your website traffic and SEO strategies? We can help!

Google has sent out more than 1,200,000 letters to business owners and webmasters who have "bad" or "unnatural" links on their websites. The number is increasing every day, as Google continues to refine its search results.

DeleteBacklink has developed a custom, hands-on process to help you get your website on the road to recovery. Here at DeleteBacklink, we are committed to ethical practices, and will help you ensure your website is in compliance of Google’s rules and regulations.

We have 4 packages that are tailored to most of the websites. In general if you have a small website with a few pages or a local targeted website you will only need our smallest Bronze package. If your site is content driven with 100s of pages and global targeting you might consider our most popular Gold package. If your site is large with 1000s of pages our Gold package will be the best fit. Still not sure? To estimate number of bad links click here. Fill in your URL and click Search Links. On the left side you will see Referring Domains. This would be an estimation for the total number of domains pointing to your website. Majority of sites have less than 50% domains of poor quality, which means that half of the total number will be sufficient to cover your site.

Link removal as an effective service is very new and we are trying to gain our customers trust while operating at very small profit margins. Please go ahead and compare our services in details to other alternatives on the market. In the near future we will raise our prices to be on par with our competition that are charging in some cases 10 times more than us.

In the past, some webmasters have utilized “bad” links to improve search engine results. Some paid linking services also promise improved search engine rankings through unethical processes. You may have unknowingly requested the services of an organization that used one or more of these methods.

No, we are unable to remove all unwanted links, it is not in our power to control those links in the first place. However, the removal proceess has been very effective and with introduction of Google Webmaster ”Disavow Links” feature we are able to submit those manually to Google for further devaluation.

We look at your link profile provided by tools such as SEOMOZ and Ahrefs and manually review each link considering factors such as domain name/page authority, number of outgoing links, PR, anchor text and domain relevancy.

We will refund your order in full within first 48 hr of your order, no questions asked. Just Contact Us with your order details.

No, our service is one time service designed to clean up your link profile. Although, we do recommend to check backlinks every month or a couple of months.

The tool has just been released and is in its beta stage. Please see this video to understand the process and how Google looks at this issue. Moreover, Google is not the only search engine there is and the “Disavow Links” will not have any affect on other search engines.