OnPage Optimization Services

With time Search Engines evolved, the algorithm's are regularly changing and search engines like Google consider a lot of metrics before ranking a website. We believe that OnPage Optimization, Content and Structure of any website today is the most important component in online marketing.

We can help you improve your website structure by optimizing and tweaking it to make it more Search Engine friendly. We typically focus on Following metrics:

Website Speed Optimization:

Google has increasingly placed a lot of emphasis on loading speed of web pages. With modified algorithms and search criteria, many search engines including Google, have made website loading speed an important constituent of the Search Engine Optimization process. Additionally, Google has also been involved in the releasing of add-ons, namely the Firebug for Firefox, which help browsers load web pages faster and in a more efficient manner. It has been observed that the speed of a website is directly linked to its popularity and search engine rankings.

Website SEO and Structure:

Website SEO and structure is analyzed, and we will provide you the details of the important technical aspects that can be improved to make your website more search engine friendly. We typically work with the website urls, on page tags (description tags, title tags, headings, alt tags, etc), keywords optimization, website cocitation with gplus wherever required, working with anchor text's and outward backlinks, etc. We would provide complete report of the action that is required to improve the website ranking.

Optimizing Website Content:

If you are planning to catch the attention of your online user, your webpage should have content with the right keywords. Meta description tags and ALT tags are known to improve your click through ratio and will contribute to a great extent for search engines listing of your website. Placing relevant keywords in visible and invisible Meta content, helps the search engine and users find necessary information faster. These simple methods can considerably expand your online presence. On page optimization has become a very integral part of the SEO process and crucial to improve a website's search rankings and on site traffic.

Fixing Spammy Black Hat SEO Tactics already done:

A lot of our clients are affected by Google not because of unnatural backlinks but because of spammy unethical tricks that were used on their websites. These black hat tactics get quick next to instant results but are could be very harmful in long run. We scan and analyze your website and let you know of the SEO tactics that could be hampering your website and then work to rectify and clean them so that your website ranking can recover and improve.

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