Our Process

We start with complete analysis of your website backlink profile using tools like SEOMOZ, Google Webmaster Tools and Ahref. We use several metrics to see all the links that can be classified as low quality/unnatural links.

Once we have this list, we will send it to you for your review. We will not start removal process prior to your email confirmation. This confirmation is day one and our services begin at this time.

Once you have approved initial bad link report we start our work by searching for webmaster and site owners contact information. This process is critical and if done correctly ensures higher success rate. We use website contact forms, website contact emails and Whois data to get the most recent contact information available.

Upon completion of our contact information list we move to the actual link removal requests stage. At this time we communicate to the webmasters to ensure that the links we want to be removed are actually removed. This process is usually time consuming and requires up to 2-3 weeks.

Once all communications are sorted out we check each link individually to see if it has been removed. At this time we produce our final report and send it to our customers.

This process is unique to us, our competitors don't offer such services but we believe that they are essential for a lot of customers. We offer three typical add on services: On Page Optimization, Disavow Links File Creation and Reconsideration Request Letter. These services help to secure long term search engine strategy and furthermore, provide higher chances for a penalty removal. Get in touch today and find out if you can benefit with these add on services.