Google Reconsideration Request Letter

Reconsideration Request is used for websites that are penalized by Google. It is a way to help Google recognize that you have modified your website and it adheres to Google web spam terms.

Once you have done all the hard work of getting everything about your website corrected (bad backlinks removed, making changes to your website, removing keyword stuffing and doorway pages, uploading a disavow, etc) it's time to let Google know about it.

Google let's you file a reconsideration request where they expect you to give as much detail as possible about what you think went wrong and how you have modified all to adhere to the latest Google webmaster terms.

Writing a detailed Reconsideration Request is veryimportant because it let's you communicate with real google spam team member and with a good reconsideration request there are high chances that your website penalty would get lifted (provided you have followed all the correct steps). One must also explain how any unethical seo techniques were used .

We try to include the following points when we write a Reconsideration Request for a Website:

  • All the wrong things that were done with the website intentionally or unintentionally to manipulate seo and ranking.
  • How the unnatural backlinks pointing to the website were created and why those backlinks were created.
  • The details of the SEO agency that was hired (if any).
  • The steps that were taken to remove those unnatural backlinks.
  • All website OnPage changes that were done after the manual penalty.
  • Assuring Google that we (we would be writing the letter on your behalf) would not be indulging in any negative or black hat practices in the future and would make sure that we focus more on user experience.

All reconsideration requests are written by real people and we make sure that they cover all important points that relates to your website. We do not use templates for reconsideration request letters, since all sites and history are indivdual. We write them from scratch for each client.

We charge $120 for Creating Reconsideration Request Letter, you can order it directly using the Paypal button below.

It would take us 3 days to send the disavow file after the order is made.