Request Website Audit

Our detailed report will contain analysis of your website which would include important factors such as coding validation, backlinks, copyscape and plagiarism detection, content issues, current rankings and trends. We will also point out all possible improvements and cost associated with the implementation. Although, some of the companies offer partial audits for free, our audit is more comprehensive that will be constructed using paid tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Copyscape and most importantly developers and search engine analysts's time.

We typically start by reviewing all details that you have sent us along with all work that has been done on the website in the past by you or your seo agency. Once we are aware of the steps that were taken in the past, we start analyzing the effects of these steps on the website and see how things can be improved/corrected so that the website gets more authority and thus higher ranking and traffic. A thorough evaluation is done by our team of seo experts and developers; we mainly focus on auditing: complete backlink profile, website structure, on page and off page analysis, content and keyword targeting analysis, ranking trends (that can be expected), and much more. Once the complete audit is done we would send a detailed report of the services that can be used to improve your website ranking along with the estimate for time and pricing.

When do you need Website Audit Service?
  • You have just redesigned your website.
  • Your website traffic and sales are dropping.
  • You know you’re Website isn’t working but you don’t know where to start to fix it.
  • You’ve been penalized by Google.
  • You find Pay-per-click marketing too expensive

The fee of $250 for Website Audit Service Includes:

Detailed report of:

  • Website Backlinks Audit and All Bad Backlinks Report.
  • Page Speed Optimization.
  • Keywords your site is optimized for and current search engine ranking for those keywords.
  • Inbound and outbound links to your site.
  • Search engine friendly features assessment (sitemap, etc).
  • Website accessibility and code validation.
  • Analysis of your current website setup and recommendations for future upgrades (if necessary) including specific analysis related to SEO, security and web site & server performance.
  • Mobile website audit which includes a review of your site with mobile devices like iPhones, Androids, and iPads and recommendations to improve mobile accessibility.

We charge $250 for the website audit service.

* Once paid, you would be redirected back to our website where you would be required to fill in your website details and any other relevant information for the audit. We will provide a detailed proposal on steps/strategy you can take to improve your Website's Ranking and Traffic within 5 business days.